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 Regulations that parties concerned Should Comply with When Offering or Handling Dangerous Goods


  • 根據香港法例第384章附屬法例《危險品(航空托運)(安全)規例》,付運人(Shipper)及貨運代理人(freight forwarder)在處理或航空托運危險品時必須遵從該規例,托運人(即付運人及貨運代理人)須確保所有危險品都已正確地分類、包裝、標記及填妥有關文件才作航空托運。如有人違反此規例,可被罰款$250,000和監禁兩年。若有公司觸犯此條例,根據規法例第5條,身為公司董事及每名公司管理人員都可以被裁定相同罪行。所以身為董事及管理人員,你必須盡力監管你的員工以防止罪行的發生。即使貴公司不會在付運危險品的過程中親身處理危險品,若果觸犯規例的是負責處理或提供有關服務的第三者,例如危險品的海外供應商或生產商,你也需負上法律責任。因為作為危險品托運人(consignor),即使你不是該危險品的製造商或供應商,你依然需就其他人等觸犯香港法例第384章附屬法例《危險品(航空托運)(安全)規例》而負上法律責任。因此,你必須施行預防措施去確保你托運的危險品的狀況適宜空運。    

  • Under the Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, consignors i.e. shippers and freight forwarders must ensure all dangerous goods are properly classified, packed, marked, labelled and documented before they are offered for air transportation. A person who contravenes these Regulations commits an offence and is liable to a fine of $250,000 and to imprisonment for 2 years. Under Section 5 of Chapter 384, every director and every officer concerned in the management of the company maybe convicted of the like offence. Even if you do not physically handle the dangerous goods for air carriage, you may still be liable for an offence committed by other persons under Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation. Therefore, you have to adopt measures to ensure the dangerous goods are in proper condition for air carriage and as a Director or a managerial officer, you must supervise your staff to prevent the commission of offence.   click here for details

  • Latest Notice from CAD

    English: http://www.cad.gov.hk/english/DGAC/DGAC1-2010.pdf
    中文: http://www.cad.gov.hk/chinese/DGAC/DGAC1-20f010.pdf


  •  an addendum to the 56th edition of the DGR 2015


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