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 Regulations that parties concerned Should Comply with When Offering or Handling Dangerous Goods


  • 根據香港法例第384章附屬法例《危險品(航空托運)(安全)規例》,付運人(Shipper)及貨運代理人(freight forwarder)在處理或航空托運危險品時必須遵從該規例,托運人(即付運人及貨運代理人)須確保所有危險品都已正確地分類、包裝、標記及填妥有關文件才作航空托運。如有人違反此規例,可被罰款$250,000和監禁兩年。若有公司觸犯此條例,根據規法例第5條,身為公司董事及每名公司管理人員都可以被裁定相同罪行。所以身為董事及管理人員,你必須盡力監管你的員工以防止罪行的發生。即使貴公司不會在付運危險品的過程中親身處理危險品,若果觸犯規例的是負責處理或提供有關服務的第三者,例如危險品的海外供應商或生產商,你也需負上法律責任。因為作為危險品托運人(consignor),即使你不是該危險品的製造商或供應商,你依然需就其他人等觸犯香港法例第384章附屬法例《危險品(航空托運)(安全)規例》而負上法律責任。因此,你必須施行預防措施去確保你托運的危險品的狀況適宜空運。

  • Under the Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, consignors i.e. shippers and freight forwarders must ensure all dangerous goods are properly classified, packed, marked, labelled and documented before they are offered for air transportation. A person who contravenes these Regulations commits an offence and is liable to a fine of $250,000 and to imprisonment for 2 years. Under Section 5 of Chapter 384, every director and every officer concerned in the management of the company maybe convicted of the like offence. Even if you do not physically handle the dangerous goods for air carriage, you may still be liable for an offence committed by other persons under Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation. Therefore, you have to adopt measures to ensure the dangerous goods are in proper condition for air carriage and as a Director or a managerial officer, you must supervise your staff to prevent the commission of offence.   click here for details



















































































































































SKYSAFE  provides you the fast way to obtain your IATA certificate and Diploma in Hong Kong


Dangerous Goods Awareness Training (DGA)                                  

This is an introduction course for warehouse and cargo handling staff involved in the acceptance of general cargo and cargo agencies acting on behalf of an operator involved in the acceptance of non dangerous goods. This half day course allows participants to gain a basic understanding of the classification, identification and handling of Dangerous Goods. The program meets the requirements of ICAO/ IATA on Dangerous Goods awareness training.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to the course  /Definition of Dangerous Goods / Basis of IATA DGR
  • Shipper’s & Operator’s responsibility
  • Limitation
  • State and Operator variations
  • Dangerous Goods in Limited / Excepted quantities
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods / Hazard classes and Divisions
  • Identification of Dangerous Goods
  • Types of packaging / Packing instructions /Overpacks
  • Marking and labeling of Dangerous Goods
  • Handling in warehouse & loading awareness of Dangerous Goods
  • Emergency procedures of Dangerous Goods
  • Written Test

Duration:  half day ( a written examination will be held by end of the course )
本課程設為 半日課程

Course fee per person : HK$ 400 (HAFFA member) / HK$ 450 (Non-HAFFA member)
課程費用為每位港幣400元(HAFFA會員) / 450元 (非HAFFA會員) 



Cargo Security Training Course - Regulated Agent Regime (RAR)                              

To provide participants with knowledge on the regulation of cargo security with particular reference to Regulated Agent Regime and guidance materials as well as practices in Hong Kong

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Gain an understanding of the principles of air cargo security and updated recommendations and guidelines of Annex 17
  • Appreciate the origin and purpose of security measures and procedures necessary for the protection of cargo
  • Understand recognition of known consignor
  • Master critical security procedures (inspect, screen or search consignments in accordance with prescribed security principles) to safeguard your operation for ‘Known Cargo’ and ‘Unknown Cargo’
  • Apply appropriate security controls to cargo consignment
  • Prepare the document and record keeping in accordance with RAR requirement
  • Understand the inter-Agent AWB handling procedures

Course Content :

  • What’s the RAR
  • Objective of cargo security
  • The threat to aviation
  • International and local requirements
  • Parties involved and individual’s role and responsibility
  • Recognition of known consignor
  • Handling procedures for known & unknown cargo include cargo designated for carriage on cargo-only-aircraft
  • Inter-Agent airway bill handling procedures
  • Exempted items
  • Types of security control
  • Protection of security integrity of cargo
  • Record system
  • Contingency plan
  • Quality assurance and inspections
  • Written Test

Duration: 1  day ( a written examination will be held by end of the course )
本課程設為 1日課程

Course fee per person : HK$ 750 (HAFFA member) or (Non-HAFFA member)
課程費用為每位港幣750(HAFFA會員)/ (HAFFA會員)


Basic Dangerous Goods Course (BDG)                                                                            

The Basic Dangerous Goods Course is a 5-day intensive program for employees of freight forwarders, agents and airlines who wish to become qualified to sign the "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

According to The Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation for information, consignors i.e. shippers and freight forwarders, must ensure all dangerous goods are properly classified, packed, marked, labeled and documented before they are offered for air transportation. 

Furthermore, under Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation, the documents required for offering dangerous goods for air carriage are Air Waybill and dangerous goods transport document i.e. Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods. 

Only persons who have completed the appropriate dangerous goods training within the past 24 months can sign the "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods".

Course Contents:

  •  General philosophy of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  •  Shipper’s / Operator’s Responsibilities
  •  Provisions for passengers and crew 
  •  Limitations
  •  Recognition of Undeclared dangerous goods
  •  State and Operator Variations
  •  Classification of dangerous goods
  •  List of dangerous goods
  •  Special provisions
  •  Packing instructions (methods)
  •  Marking and Labeling 
  •  Shipper's Declaration and other relevant documentation
  •  Acceptance procedures
  •  Storage and loading procedures
  •  Notification to captain (NOTOC)
  •  Emergency response to DG incident and accident
  •  Incident / Accident Reporting  

Duration: 5 days ( a written examination will be held by end of the course)
本課程為5 天

Course fee per person: HK$4600 (HAFFA member) or  (Non-HAFFA member)
課程費用為每位港幣4600(HAFFA會員) / (HAFFA) 


Refresher Dangerous Goods Course(RDG)                                                                          

This course is for those who have already successfully completed the Basic Dangerous Goods Course and are currently working in the air cargo business. This 3-day course allows participants to review the current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation Manual and update themselves on the latest developments in the handling of dangerous goods.

Course Contents:

  • Review of Current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
  • Limitation: excepted and limited quantities, state and operator's variations
  • Classification and identification of dangerous goods
  • Packing, marking and labelling requirements
  • Emergency procedures
  • Update on radio-active material shipments
  • Update on documentation and information requirements

Duration 3 days  ( a written Examination will be held by end of the course )
本課程為 3 天


Course fee per person: HK$2,650 (HAFFA member) or (Non-HAFFA member) 
課程費用為每位港幣2650(HAFFA會員) / (HAFFA會員)  


 Cargo Claims Handling & Preventive Training Course (CCH)

Sky Safe Consultant Company Ltd., now provides airfreight claims handling course to individuals and businesses who are working in air cargo industry. With Sky Safe’s training you will learn the skills that will help you understand the legal requirements, cargo claim handling flow and preventive measures.

Our expert trainers have worked for air cargo industry for more than twenty years and have conducted many cargo trainings in Hong Kong and other countries.

Sky Safe is opening the doors for individuals and businesses to learn the technique of how carrier evaluate and negotiate claims as well as what constitutes the settlement of claims.

  • Understanding of the legal framework in air cargo business
  • Know obligations and right of a claimant
  • Understand shippers' needs and expectation to adjust your business strategic for immediate results
  • Know how to evaluate and process an effective claim
  • Documentation requirements
  • Handling processes
  • Case study
  • Preventive measures
  • Enhance your knowledge of the global cargo world and try to avoid business loss and/or legal costs

Who Should Attend

  • Cargo services and operations managers
  • Claims handling personnel
  • Airline and cargo training managers

Duration: 2 days
本課程為 2 天

Course fee per person: HKD1660 (HAFFA member) / HK$1700 (Non-HAFFA member) 
課程費用為每位港幣1660(HAFFA會員) / 1700 (HAFFA會員)  


International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Awareness course  (IMDGA)                                        國際海運危險品認知課程

This course provides a familiarisation with dangerous goods transport regulations and an awareness of the duties and requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Refresher training
must be done every 2 years by those who’ve completed initial training.

Course Contents:

  •  Types of Hazards
  •  Regulations governing Dangerous Goods Transport
  •  Transport Hazard Classes & Properties
  •  Type of Packagings, marking and labels
  •  Identification (Dangerous Goods List)
  • Segregation & Packing of containers
  •  Documentation (DGN declarations)
  •  Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) loading Requirements
  •  Emergency Response & First Aid

Examination : There is a test at the end of the course , the score for which is
recorded and included on your course completion certificate.

Duration:  half day 
本課程設為 半日課程

Course fee: HK$500 (HAFFA member) / HK$550 (Non-HAFFA member) 
課程費用為每位港幣500(HAFFA會員) / 550 (Non-HAFFA 會員)  


International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Training Course (IMDG)

This an in-depth initial training course provides seafarers with the opportunity to become familiar with the rules governing the carriage of dangerous goods (or HazMat) in particular with the most recent edition of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. 


Course Contents:


  • Overview of national and international regulations on transport of dangerous goods  by ocean
  • Structure of IMO/IMDG code
  • Legal Requirements  
  • Shipper’s responsibilities
  • Definition of Dangerous Goods
  • Identification of Dangerous Goods
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Application of the Hazardous Materials Table, Index and Dangerous Goods List
  • Packaging introduction and selection
  • Marking and labelling
  • Completion of Documentation
  • Placarding
  • Segregation requirements
  • Limited Quantities
  • Container Packing Certificate
  • Case Sharing 

Examination: There is a test on the last day of the course (Pass Mark 80%)



Duration:  2 days ( it has been adjusted to 3 days for the courses to be delivered in 2011)
本課程為2 天  (2011年起,該課程需培訓 3天)


Course fee: HK$2600 (HAFFA member) / HK$2650 (Non-HAFFA member) 
課程費用為每位港幣2600(HAFFA會員) / 2650 (Non-HAFFA 會員)   


Batteries Handling Course in accordance with air and sea regulations (BHC)

This workshop is designed for shippers, cargo forwarders, carriers and warehouse agents to have an overview about the requirements in handling of batteries.

Course Contents

  • Legal Requirements (Hong Kong and China)
  • Cases Sharing
  • Battery Dry
  • New Proper Shipping Name & UN No.
  • New Restriction
  • Marking
  • New Lithium Label
  • New CAO Label
  • New Packing Instructions
  • Non-Spillable Lead Acid Batteries
  • Handling Information
  • Road Transport ADR
  • US Restriction
  • E and A Procedure
  • Handling Flow Chart
  • Q and A

Duration:  half day 
本課程設為 半日課程

(Remark - Courses are result-oriented and can be customized in a package according to your businessenvironment and needs - minimum fivepeople)

Examination: No Test

Venue: Lai chi Kok or Jordan, Hong Kong

Duration: 3Hours

Course fee: HK$500 (HAFFA member) / HK$550 (Non-HAFFA member) 
課程費用為每位港幣500(HAFFA會員) / 550 (Non-HAFFA 會員)  

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