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 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sky Safe's courses recognised by Government authoritied?
SKY SAFE is an IATA Dangerous Goods Training School. The courses given are accredited with the International Air Transport Association and endorsed by the ICAO and the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

When can I expect to receive the certificate after a course?
Participants who have passed the course can expect to receive their certificates in the post within 2 weeks of finishing the course. Those who enrolled in our courses through HAFFA will be notified and can collect their certificate at HAFFA.

If I am not successful in the examination, can I retake it?
Under IATA DG accredited School Guideline, participants are allowed one re-take exam. A re-take exam will be organised at the end of the next course and Sky Safe will inform the participant to arrange a convenient time for the exam. DG Regulations in HK, Regulations for Shipper, Freight Forwarder and Airlines

What are the responsibilities of the Shipper?
Shippers must have adequate knowledge of TI or dangerous goods (DG) requirements and know the allowable quantity of dangerous goods that can be shipped. In addition Shippers must apply the correct packing, marking and labeling on DG.

What are the responsibilities of the Freight Forwarder?
Freight Forwarders act as the second chck point in the transport of dangerous goods.Freight Forwarders must ensure that the shipper has knowledge of dangerous goods and check that the consignment is properly packed, labeled and correctly documented. Freight Forwarders must not believe the shipper's claim that the shipment is non-DG and check point to ensure that there is no mishandling by the shipper.

What are the responsibilities of the Airline?
Airlines are the final check point in the transport of dangerous goods. Airlines should use a checklist to ensure all checking is carried out and never under-estimate the risk of un-declared DG or wrongly declared DG. Airlines have the final responsibility of making sure dangerous goods are properly packed and labeled before being loaded into the freight compartment, so all the DG must be rechecked even if the forwarder claims that proper checking has been carried out.





      Dangerous Goods Training

確保托運人(即付運人及貨運代理人)清楚托運的貨品是否屬於危險品及正確遵從   規例已正確分類、包裝、標記及填妥有關文件才作航空托運。SKY SAFE International Consultant Limited ( IATA Dangerous Goods Accredited School 國際空運協會認可培訓中心) 已得到民航處 IATA 批准,為付貨人貨運代理人提供認可危險品培訓證書課程


Ensuring Shippers, Consignors, Forwarders, Carriers, warehouse handlers and all DG handlers can fully understand and comply with the regulations, Sky Safe International Consultant Limited is an offical organisation offering Certificate/Diploma  Dangerous Goods Courses accredited by IATA and the Civil Avaition Department of HKSAR Government.  



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